Sharing unsolicited testimonials we received on the quality and efficacy of Wings Organic Heart Formula used to be a regular part of our business and gave us great satisfaction. It kept us constantly mindful of the health benefits we were sharing with our customers around the world – and kept us focused on our true purpose:

“To harvest nature’s bounty with integrity,
and promote the ancient art of natural healing”

Unfortunately, by order of Health Canada , we are no longer allowed to display personal testimonials. They are no longer considered ‘proof’, even though we retain copies of the originals on file at our Head Office and are willing to show them to any official interested in validating them.

What follows is one “allowable” professional testimonial that speaks for itself:


“Being a naturopathic physician, I am delighted to have a product with the quality and efficacy of  Wings Organic Heart Formula to recommend to my patients.

Since I have been using this product I have seen some excellent results in lowering blood pressure, improving heart arrhythmias and improving peripheral circulation.

I have also been recommending Super Naturals to my chelation patients to use as an adjunct to their chelation therapy program.

Wings Organic Heart Formula is a certified organic product so both my patients and I are assured that the product is of the highest purity and potency – and gentle on the environment.

I want to thank  BC Herbs Ltd.  for making this product available.”

Signed: R. Lendvai, N.D.