Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Wings Organic Heart Formula so special?

First, all Wings Organic Heart Formula ingredients are either third-party certified organic or are wild- crafted under our own supervision. We work directly with local organic farmers and are unique in being able to display our official organic certification for both the present and past years (to cover the ageing process)

Second, Wings Organic Heart Formula contains no cheap “bottle-filler” in the form of depleted residue. Poorer quality Heart Formula may contain as much as 75% residue which is largely the cellulose pulp from crushed garlic that should be centrifuged out as part of the clarification process. This depleted residue lacks potency but, more important, is too course to be assimilated sub-lingually directly into the blood stream and thus finds its way into the stomach via the gastro-intestinal system. Hold up any heart tincture to the light and check for yourself that you are not buying cheap bottle-filler with your purchase.

Third, Wings Organic Heart Formula contains only aged garlic in order to ensure the development of additional compounds such as SAC (S-allyl-cysteine), carefully researched for its potential in preventing and treating heart disease. SAC is found only in trace quantities in raw garlic, but is one of the major benefits of an aged tincture

Finally, Wings Organic Heart Formula’s unique addition of gingerol - which is, in itself highly beneficial to the heart Рquickly removes the odour of garlic and further aids in its digestion. Those who tend to experience stomach upsets from garlic will particularly appreciate the benefits Wings Organic Heart Formula offers in fast, effective assimilation.

Why do you stress “third-party” when you mention certification?

Because it’s one thing for a farmer or manufacturer to self-proclaim ‘organic’ status, it’s quite another to have this confirmed in writing by a qualified independent agency bound by specific and stringent criteria, such as a recognized Organic Association.

What other benefits does Wings Organic Heart Formula offer?

Our two bottles (60 m/2 oz and 120 ml/4 oz) are 20% larger than the standard trade size of 50 ml and 100 ml. We therefore offer not only the finest quality but also far better value. It’s like getting an automatic 20% discount off every purchase!

How long will a bottle last?

Wings Organic 120 ml/4 oz bottle contains a graduated dropper and it is easy to prove that .5 ml will provide 20-22 drop serving – a generous one-time dosage.

Those commencing with a full regimen of three doses daily will use 1.5 ml every day – sufficient for a minimum of 80 days.

Those taking two doses a day (total 1 ml.) will find a 120 ml bottle sufficient for 120 days, or four months.

After the recommended ‘full treatment’ period of 6 to 12 months, those on a single ‘maintenance dose’ per day will find a 120 ml/4 oz bottle lasts them 240 days, or roughly 8 months. At that point it’s suggested they switch to our 60 ml/ 2oz size to ensure freshness.

At our Suggested Retail Price a daily dosage of Wings Organic Heart Formula therefore costs approximately 30 to 80 cents a day – a tiny investment compared to the possible pharmaceutical or surgical alternative. A comparison with any competitive tincture will quickly prove you get full value only with Wings Organic Heart Formula.

Buyers will also note, if they compare carefully, that every Wings Organic Heart Formula bottle is filled to the upper neck to offer a full and legal measure .

Why a tincture and not pills?

Our heart tincture is designed to work quickly by entering the bloodstream by as direct a method as possible. Taking a tincture sub-lingually (the medical term for ‘under the tongue’) introduces it speedily and directly into your venal and arterial system and is far superior to taking this kind of medication in pill form via the stomach.

Wings Organic Heart Formula contains no sediment. Why is that?

The sediment that you see in inferior heart drop tinctures is largely made up of depleted cellulose from the herbs. While this sediment has retained small quantities of active compounds, it is largely worthless “filler” material. Since it cannot be absorbed directly into the bloodstream it has to be eventually swallowed and can create stomach upsets among those who are sensitive to garlic. Ingesting garlic via the stomach is not only the least effective method of reaching the arterial system, it also increases the length of time needed for the odour of the garlic to disappear.

How long does the odour of garlic last after taking Wings Organic Heart Formula?

About 15 to 20 minutes. Taking Wings Organic Heart Formula on an empty stomach means that the digestive system is at rest, allowing the body to focus its major attention on assimilation of the tincture. Aged garlic is less sulphur-laden as well as being more potent and helps reduce the odour to a minimum. By eliminating all garlic residue from our tincture we ensure that every dose of Wings Organic Heart Formula you take enters your blood stream directly rather than via the stomach. Finally, we accelerate the assimilation of garlic and the removal of odour by adding gingerol which is a recognized and highly beneficial anticoagulant in its own right.

Why do you use grain alcohol as one of the ingredients?

By the completion of the extraction process, the amount of grain alcohol present is infinitesimal but to effectively extract the active organic compounds from the various herbs we use in the Wings Organic Heart Formula, a ‘solvent’ is necessary. The safest and most effective non-synthetic solvent is triple-distilled grain alcohol because it not only extracts the compounds efficiently and provides us with a liquid ‘carrier’, but its sterilizing action provides health security and a safe – almost unlimited – shelf life. In addition, alcohol in moderation is known to have therapeutic qualities of its own, as many a healthy octogenarian will attest.

When the time comes that we can purchase certified organic alcohol we shall be delighted to do so. Unfortunately that is not possible at this time so we have no choice but to employ grain alcohol.

Some processors add a small amount of grape extract and claim the result is ‘fruit alcohol’ but we consider such practices to be ‘grain alcohol’ it is!

What determines the strength of the cayenne you use in your formula?

It’s the ‘heat’ of the cayenne that opens up (dilates) the venal and arterial system and aids the cleansing action. The degree of ‘stimulation’ you feel in your mouth while waiting for your Wings Organic Heart Formula to be absorbed is directly related to the efficiency of this process. Our challenge in blending each fresh batch of organic cayenne is to achieve an acceptable balance between maximizing the power of cayenne to dilate and gently stimulate/cleanse the venal/arterial system and the risk of an uncomfortably strong ‘heat level’. It’s a subjective test since everyone’s tolerance level is different but we’ve done considerable research to establish the right level.

We therefore strongly urge you to use Wings Organic Heart Formula full strength – to add water defeats the objective. If it’s a challenge at first, please be assured that with a little practice your tolerance level to cayenne will increase considerably. Eventually the ‘heat’ becomes not only tolerable but pleasant and mildly stimulating. Concentrate on the healthful benefits of ‘sticking with it’ – the results will speak for themselves within 7-10 days.

I’m currently undergoing extensive tests and scheduled for cardiac surgery as soon as OR space can be found at my local hospital. Is it too late to try Wings Organic Heart Formula?

Quite the contrary; this is the perfect time to introduce Wings Organic Heart Formula. What do you have to lose but a minor investment – one that is recoverable in full if you are not satisfied with your first purchase ? Start immediately and let your physician know what you are doing so that your laboratory tests can be specially monitored and your pharmaceuticals adjusted if required. Insist on seeing the test results for yourself and discussing them with your physician. If you have the blessing of a 60-90 day holding period you – and your physician – may just be amazed at the results!